LabSkills in the classroom
LabSkills is made up of flexible modules which can easily be integrated into lessons to

• Introduce new equipment, reagents and techniques
• Rehearse setting up experiments safely
• Practise laboratory skills such as taking accurate burette readings
• Learn how to optimise experiments to improve results
• Practise performing common calculations and presenting results correctly
• Reinforce correct use of scientific notation

The resources in LabSkills work equally well in self-study and group learning situations. Teachers can use LabSkills on interactive whiteboards to introduce and review lessons. Students can work through specific sections in the lead up to practical work.

LabSkills is ideally suited for self-study and is an excellent chemistry course companion. Teachers and students can purchase additional copies at

Who can benefit from LabSkills?

Practical Chemistry LabSkills covers the main experimental techniques and competencies required up to and including AS, A-Level, International Baccalaureate, Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher and similar Post-16 Chemistry courses.

Teachers can also use LabSkills to support Gifted and Talented science students in secondary schools. The resources will challenge, engage and inspire students of all ages.

LabSkills can be used to support the professional development of teachers in schools. It is an excellent reference for trainee, newly qualified and non-specialist science teachers, and for school science technicians.