Practical Chemistry LabSkills USB Student Edition v2.03

If you have a question about using LabSkills or need technical support, please email us at We’ll do all we can to help.

The software contained on this USB memory stick edition does not require pre-installation on your computer. It is designed for ‘plug and play’ use directly from the memory stick. Always run the software from the LabSkills memory stick. The software will not run if copied from the stick onto another drive.

System requirements
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
Flash Player 9 or later.
In order to run the software your computer must be able to run .exe files from external USB drives.

Running the software
Insert the memory stick into a USB port on your computer.
Navigate to the LabSkills folder and double click the application file (.exe).
Depending on your computer the software may take up to 1 minute to load.

Backing up LabSkills software
It is recommended that you back up the files on the LabSkills memory stick by copying them all to a safe place. If you delete the contents of the stick you can copy the files back onto the stick and re-run the software.

Adobe Flash Player
If the interface loads but displays a blank screen you may need to install or update your Flash Player.
The simplest way to do this is to double-click the install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe file in the Flash Player folder on the memory stick. Then follow the installation instructions provided.
Alternatively, a free download is available from the Adobe website.
1. Open a new Internet Explorer browser. (It is important not to install the Flash Player using an alternative browser (e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome).)
2. Go to and click to install the latest Flash Player.

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