LabSkills on an interactive whiteboard
LabSkills is an innovative ICT resource covering core laboratory skills and techniques. It provides engaging and responsive practice opportunities to rehearse and prepare for real practical classes.

LabSkills is not designed to replace practical work. The activities focus on getting the best out of time spent in the laboratory.

The benefits of pre-lab study

The basic Labskills package contains over 70 pre-lab activities designed to support students in practical classes.

Pre-lab study is highly effective in supporting students with practical work. The activities in Practical Chemistry LabSkills help students develop real experimental skills by familiarising them with experimental procedures and reinforcing the links between theoretical and practical science.

LabSkills has been developed by Learning Science Ltd and Bristol ChemLabS, the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, where the use of interactive pre-lab resources to support chemistry courses has been pioneered.